Tuesday, March 13, 2018

600-1100 AD Metal Spearhead

Short and interesting post about a 600-1100 AD metal spearhead found in Charles Point on the Great Lakes. Here. I am thinking trade between Native Americans brought the spearhead to the Lakes. So, for instance, linen and bail seals from textiles have been found in early 17th century Seneca nation archeological digs in Western New York. The seals are from the Netherlands, but the Dutch never traveled that far. Its a great example of economic or political trade among indigenous groups. 

The Maine penny could have made it to the mainland from Newfoundland in the same way. My grandfather gave me a 17th century penny, that was given to him when he was about 7 years old (1920s) by a customer at his fathers tavern. Things can get passed around and stored for generations. Who knows how it ever got to western New York. 

But in some ways I feel like I am disregarding the Vikings ability to make it the last 700-800 miles from Newfoundland to Maine or further. Hopefully enough stuff will turn up to be able to plot a pattern on a map, but without a settlement there is no proof the Vikings really made it this far.  

But ... but there is an alternative answer. Just as Iceland and Greenland continue to use a warp weighted loom to make wadmal, just as they did during the Viking era, is it possible they continue to make spearheads the same way making it is a 17th century import??? 

An old movie version Video.

 Warp Weighted Loom video, it looks painfully slow. 

Something to table till further evidence. 

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