Wednesday, November 21, 2018

NYS Museum Diorama Updated

American Museum of Natural History

In NYC -  The American Museum of Natural History's 1930s diorama has words put over the glass explaining which parts are not based on primary sources, and what the primary sources actually say.

For instance, the Indigenous women in the background are laborers... but in reality according to court and legal records they would have taken leadership roles and been involved in negotiations and trade.

The American Museums of Natural History's choice to do this is a great example of how to bring to light how pass examples, while not meant to be inaccurate, can be used to explain how primary sources can be used to improve our accuracy in understanding our pass. 

I am curious to know if they point out the clothing issues such as the lack of leggings and bags? 

It would be interesting to see a new diorama of an accurate image even if smaller in clothing for the spring or fall time. 

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