Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Jounral Entry - Money Bags

It has been a while since my last major post; with talks, lectures, a book and a study under way my time has been consumed by tapping away on a keyboard. The talks and lectures are finished for the year. The book which is a guided to 17th century New York and New Netherland Inventories is almost complete.

The book is a short guide written in a similar way as the blog posts but with all the citations needed for those looking for primary sources on a specific topic. Topics include an exspansion and additonal information on Japanese, Turkish, Icelandic, Faroe Island and Scandie goods imported to the Americas, a recap on textiles plus new topics we have yet to pounce on. However, for those who need two or more primary sources to prove something existed... you are all set !

The study that is underway covers new information on economics and trade between Native Americans and the early settlers. The issue being the development of money bags by the Indigenous and the colonist who craved them. Their desire to own these bags lead some to trade fairly but others to theft and even assault.

Why would the colonist go to great lengths and risk all to own these bags? So far, It appears to be value. These hand crafted handbags were the Hermes Berkins of their day !

A word to the wise. I came across a blog post on a popular site published a couple weeks after my post about Japanese robes and their use in New York.  While the poster made many claims the citations provided don't mention how they knew they were Japanese robes. Unfortunately, the author even provided an example of an old surviving robe from England and claimed it was a "Japonse" (a dialect variation)... but it is likely an Indian banyan... and most definitely not a Japon nor something that was worn in New York. (Japons didn't have fitted sleeves !) This was  disappointing because it was written by a doctoral student in art history at Yale University who didn't do their homework. So, when in doubt... ask for the original quote and judge for yourself. 

While the book and study are in process... the blog will be taking a break.

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